Make Brushing Fun 

About Us

We are a London-based children's toothbrush company specialising in flashing toothbrushes that make good brushing habit stick and the brushing experience fun.  Young children love our toothbrushes for their light-up feature and colourful designs.  Parents love them for their ability to make their children enjoy brushing.  It is as simple as that.

How it works?

Simply press the button and brush away!  BBrite toothbrushes have an in-built flashing timer that flashes for 60 seconds--allowing your child to know when to stop brushing.  For children ages 3-9.  

Where to buy

You will find BBrite toothbrushes at all major retailers in the UK.  See our list of UK stockists.

Our favourite flashing toothbrush models can also now be purchased from this site.  See products now.

Wholesale enquiries

For wholesale enquiries, please send an email to sales(at)twinklers.com

BBrite is owned by Twinklers Ltd. of London established in 1987.  Twinklers ships worldwide and manufactures its own products.  Visit www.twinklers.com for more information.

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